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Chris H, Turkey

Travel gives you not only new landscapes but new eyes. Immerse yourself in different cultures and you cannot help but see things differently. This is blog not only about the places we visit and the cultures we experience but also about the good, bad and ugly we find along the way………

I was ripped from the Land of My Mother’s (Wales) at age three and dragged halfway across the world at age 3 months. This formative experience and 16 subsequent years moving from Thailand to Egypt to Iran to South Africa marked me for life – creating a never ending itinerant who has spent much of his life endlessly roaming from country to country and job to job.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes, according to Proust.

This blog is about those places, the travels and the people in those countries. It’s also about the anecdotes, the trials, the tribulations, the disasters. It’s also about the beauty of the places and people and the experiences of those places. The name of the blog comes from idiotic things that happen, the situations that people, both myself and others get themselves into.

In this blog you can find anecdotes, poetry, stories about trips, people and places, about culture, society, the environment including:


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    1. It’s my strategy. Appear is if you are travelling idiot and no one will ask you for either guidance or to do any tedious organisating (except Kaylee) who thinks I’m a organising genius of sorts

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