Poems on Life, love, politics and people

Travel can move you. It gives you time and space if you travel “well”. And by that I mean slowly, taking time, taking in space, people, places, culture.

For me, if done well, it is a time of contemplation, away from the day to day pressures, the lists, the obligations. It’s a time to think, to write, to be happy, to grieve. To feel whatever moves one at any given moment without feeling judged or observed.

So, sometimes, occasionally, I wrote my thoughts down in my version of poetry. I call them “scribblings: I have no idea if it’s good, bad or indifferent or even if it’s really poetry but it doesn’t matter because it serves as a form of expression that works for me. I don’t do this often but have been doing it, occasionally, since the 1980’s.

These writings are collected into mini-anthologies from one to a few dozen scribblings. You can find links to some of these below:

Travelling Light – Writings (poetry) From the Road, 2016

2020 – Poems – Waiting for the End of Time

Scribblings (poems) 1984-90

The Ebb of Life (Fading away), 2017

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