Poems 1985-2021 – # 2

  THE EBB OF LIFE (FADING AWAY) I watch you there,Over by the sinkOr climbing the stairA little more bent,A little less certainAbout what is meantEach year more frailYour steps slowerYour recollections failLiving slowly somehowYour strength ebbing,Everything hard nowIn the grey zoneBetween life and death,A life now on loanMy heart breaksTo see you so,My soul... Continue Reading →

Poems 1985-2021 – Part 1

And Thus Spake God to Scott Lake Timk, with reflections of Mount Anne, Tasmania. Photographer: Chris Harris EMPTY I lie awake under the vast silent skyThe stars stare down unsleepingLike the bright eyes of yesterday's GodsOr the dreaming millions of tomorrow's spirits As the false security of sleep creeps forwardYour ethereal body approachesMoving close on... Continue Reading →

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