Travel Series (multiple posts about extended trips)

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes,”

These are records of a number of extended trips that I have done in recent years.

Each long trip that a person does has it’s own dynamic. Some are solo, some are with friends or partners. Some for work, some for working holidays, some for pleasure. Some are in urban areas and some in the bush: mountains, forest, rivers.

As a writer there is something particularly satisfying about the process of writing on long trips; the regularity, the idea of documenting the trip – and linking them all together with a common thread. These are some of those trips:

Horizontal Falls_IMG_2295
Beating about the Bush – 60 days in Northern Australia (25 episodes)
75 Days Adrift in Europe (25 episodes)
Two in a Tinnie (a trip on the Murray Darling River) (15 episodes)

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