97 Days Adrift in Europe (Part 9 – France, Annecy)

I decide to go to Annecy after Aix and Nimes; it was a suitably random decision a bit like the answer to the question about why you climbed Everest...Because it was there. But it's also logical as it's one of the best places for paragliding, cycling, walking and water sports. The best form of travel... Continue Reading →

97 Days Adrift in Europe (part 8 – France, Provence)

Aix and Nimes, like Orange, Sablet and Avignon are all in Provence. I love this part of France. It feels very French, steeped in history, bathed in the soft hazy sun of the south, spotted with with hilltop villages as if some crazy God just dropped them randomly around the countryside. It's the France of... Continue Reading →

97 Days Adrift in Europe (Part 6 – France, Cote du Rhone – Sablet)

Travelling South I leave Gare du Lyon for Orange, in the south of France, on a beautiful summer's morning. There is something cocoon like about travelling on planes and trains. It's almost as if the closer we are forced into proximity with strangers, the more we feel the need to surround ourselves with a type... Continue Reading →

97 Days Adrift in Europe (Part 5, Paris)

Passing by Paris; Brexit, soccer and other lies I'm on my way to Sablet for a mixture of a wake and a celebration; a wake, of sorts, for the death of Lincoln Siliakus who died almost a year ago this month – and a celebration of a life well lived. And also a celebration of the... Continue Reading →

97 Days Adrift in Europe (Part 4, Travelling Crazy, Manspreading)

Explaining Man-spreading An observation on train travel in Europe (and elsewhere) Man spreading; it's just not a thing you see. It's a physical and physiological thing. Note: for those who have (a) been on Mars for a while; or (b) Not read anything on Facebook, man-spreading is the practice of men sitting with their legs... Continue Reading →

97 Days Adrift in Europe (Part 3, Travelling Crazy; Lost & Found)

Back to France... Back to France. This involves traveling and, despite having spent my entire life seeking to ensure the planet runs out of jet fuel, petrol/diesel and whatever they power trains with - thus giving me unrivalled travel experience ....my traveling system guarantees that no peaceful day shall pass untroubled. I have a travel... Continue Reading →

97 Days Adrift in Europe (Part 2, UK, Brexit, Family Values)

Living in the 1970s? Of maddening Brits and mad families. It was 1973. Britain had just joined the EU. Margaret Court had beaten Evonne Goolagong at Wimbledon, the Netherlands recognised East Germany and peace talks had resumed between the US and North Vietnam, the trial of the Watergate burglars had begun and Roe v Wade had... Continue Reading →

97 Days Adrift in Europe (Part 1, Travelling Crazy; Italy, Bologna)

97 Days Adrift in Europe Part One - Leaving on a Jet Plane (to Bologna) Leaving Australia for three months in Europe, even after 60 years of travelling I am still able to be hornswoggled at peoples' attempts to make their holidays as unenjoyable as possible. What do people take with them? My 'hold' luggage... Continue Reading →

Istanbul: across the European and Asian divide…riots, Ramadan and revolution

I normally sleep well on planes; but then often I have two or three seats. There is a technique. First, check in online and book the very rear of the plane, selecting a row that is completely empty at the time and near other empty rows. Not the back row because the seats rarely recline... Continue Reading →

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