97 Days Adrift in Europe (part 15) – Rome

After 93 days, this is the last stage of my short European trip. I will hop on the ferry from Dubrovnik to Bari and then by train on up to Rome for my first visit to the Eternal City. First, however, I must survive the trip to Bari, deck class. Travel terms are a bit... Continue Reading →

Europe 2017 (Episode 2): Florence – Avoiding Peak Tourist

There is no rest in Florence from the madding crowds....except choosing the right time of day and a 20 minute walk away from the city centre. Rules for the Idiot Traveller: anytime before 8 am is a good time to visit tourist spots and any place more than a kilometre from the key tourist attractions is a million miles from the madding crowd.

97 Days Adrift in Europe (Part 1, Travelling Crazy; Italy, Bologna)

97 Days Adrift in Europe Part One - Leaving on a Jet Plane (to Bologna) Leaving Australia for three months in Europe, even after 60 years of travelling I am still able to be hornswoggled at peoples' attempts to make their holidays as unenjoyable as possible. What do people take with them? My 'hold' luggage... Continue Reading →

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