The Ebb of Life (Fading away), 2017

I wrote this sitting in the kitchen at my Mum's house, in Wales. If we see our parents or grandparents, regularly, this is something we must all endure; seeing vigorous, energetic people gradually fading away, the sound of shuffling steps rather than strides, the laboured breathing, the struggle to get out of the chair, each... Continue Reading →

2020 – Poems – Waiting for the End of Time

2020 - “Scribblings from a Trip”. These are rather sombre reflections on the increasing disintegration of the natural environment that we see all around us, plus a few random thoughts on other issues. They were written in the space of a couple of months between January and March 2020 Each “scribble” has a note attached... Continue Reading →

Travelling Light – Writings (poetry) From the Road, 2016

I call these "Scribblings from a Trip". They are, essentially, thoughts and observations that occurred while travelling around Europe in 2016, by train. They reflect my thoughts about our the planet, the past or about life, generally, or they reflect on something that I saw or that happened in a specific moment during those hours... Continue Reading →

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