About the Idiot Traveller & the Emperor’s Clothes (ego, lies and narcissism)

Travel and politics…two things that are inseparable.

When we travel to a country we are not simply an empty vessel absorbing in value free way everything we see and experience but we are also making a political statement: that we are prepared to tolerate the politics and social mores of that place. But we are also learning and understanding the values, culture, customs and politics of those places.

This then is two blogs in one. The first is the Idiot Traveller my blog on travel and travelling (everything that can go wrong will) and the second is the Emperor’s Clothes a blog on political and environmental anecdotes and commentary on social and political issues.

I’d love you to comment or feedback (even negative feedback, if polite. Trolls and comments that are unpleasant will be removed)

I hope you enjoy.



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